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The 13 days Rwanda chimpanzee safari takes you to the Nyungwe rainforest is placed in the southwestern Rwanda, at the border with Burundi, south, and Lake Kivu and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west. Nyungwe rainforest is probably the best-preserved rainforest in the mountains throughout Central Africa. It is located in the watershed between the basin of the river Congo to the west and the basin of the river Nile to the east, before winding up at Lake Kivu in Gisenyi for a boat ride, It also includes a visit to Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda’s second largest national park, with plenty of wildlife, birds and primates. This Park also has spectacular scenery including Crater Lakes and rolling savannah plains overlooking the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountain ranges. You will enjoy game drives and a boat cruise on the Kazinga channel. You will conclude this tour with a visit to Kibale Forest National Park with several spectacular crater lakes and swamps which are home to hippo, buffalo and some elephant, and the forested areas are the natural habitat of our chimpanzees, occasionally lion and leopard can be spotted as they sleep through the midday sun, before winding up at Murchison falls National Park, Uganda’s spectacular heritage, with breathtaking scenic allure, and landscapes.

Day 1- Kigali-Nyungwe Forest for Canopy walk

Have breakfast and thereafter embark the safari vehicle and transfer to Nyungwe forest and on your way to this forest have your lunch en-route, visit to some genocide memorials, then upon your arrival, you head to the park offices for the briefing before going for the canopy walk looking for primates, birds and the clear of the green canopy cover. Dinner and overnight at

  • Budget- Peace Guest House
  • Mid-range- Emaraude Kivu Resort
  • Meals: Full Board
Day 2- Colobus Monkey trek and transfer to Lake Kivu in Gisenyi

Have breakfast, and after meet at the park offices for the briefing about the primates and the forest, after enter into the tropical rain forest searching for the colobus monkeys in the tree branches. While on this walk expect to spot other primates like the white and black Columbus, Vervet monkeys, red tailed monkeys and manageably. More birds can be spotted too in the Nyungwe National Park, return to lodge for lunch before transferring to Lake Kivu in Gisenyi Dinner and overnight at

  • Budget- Inzu Lodge
  • Mid-range- Paradise Malahide
  • Meals: Bed and Breakfast
Day 3-  Lake Kivu tour/Hiking/Coffee tour/Boat ride

After breakfast you will have a morning boat ride on the lake. You will have a chance to see bird species, Lake Kivu is not only a lake where you can relax and chill out, but you can swim in the Lake. There are no hippos, crocodiles and no Bilharzia found in Lake Kivu making it the perfect natural swim hole. The temperature at the Lake is just right and the water is not too cold. You will visit hot spring at Lake Kivu and the punishment Island where they used to take girls that would get pregnant at parents’ home before getting married, after

Lake Kivu has many islands with one of the largest being Nyamirundi Island which is home to a large coffee plantation. Here you can learn all about the coffee making process; from harvesting, drying, roasting and of course culminating in the opportunity to sample some exceptionally fresh, organic and award-winning Rwandan coffee for yourself.

We windup the day with a hiking trail around Lake Kivu, which are short but take you through vibrant local communities and along the beautiful shores of the lake making for great alternative ways to explore the area.

Dinner and overnight at

  • Budget- Inzu Lodge
  • Mid-range- Paradise Malahide
  • Meals: Bed and Breakfast
Day 4- Transfer to Musanze

Breakfast at 6:30 am and transfer to Musanze at 7:00 am and proceed to visiting the twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo with nature walk and visit to the Karisoke Research center & Exhibit. Lunch at Migano Café, Dinner and Overnight at

  • Budget- Muhabura Hotel
  • Mid-range – Gorilla Volcanoes Hotel/Davinci Gorilla Lodge
Day 5- Golden Monkeys trek and drive to Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda

Morning breakfast at 6:10 am and depart from the hotel at 6:40 am and transfer to the park’s office for check in at the Park’s office and go for the trek of Golden Monkeys. Lunch at Sina Gerard’s Restaurant and proceed to Cyanika to cross to Uganda, upon clearing the border authorities we will drive to Lake Bunyonyi. This lake is said to be one of the most beautiful places in western Uganda. It is the second deepest lake in Africa [900 meters deep] and also one of the few places in the country where it is considered safe to swim as it is bilharzias free. The landscape around the lake is made up of terraced hills protruding from the water’s edge. Bunyonyi means “place of little birds” and as the name suggests, there is plenty of birdlife around the lake. Check in you’ room for Dinner and overnight at:

  •  Budget- Hawk’s Eye
  • Mid-range – Lake Bunyonyi Eco Resort
Day 6-  Boat ride and transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

After an early breakfast, you will set out for a Boat ride at Lake Bunyonyi this takes 2 hours, The landscape around the lake is made up of terraced hills protruding from the water’s edge. Bunyonyi means “place of little birds” and as the name suggests, there is plenty of birdlife around the lake. You will in the afternoon transfer to Bwindi where you will do some nature walk or Batwa cultural experience, You will go through their villages to have an experience of how they go about their daily routine activities and be amazed by the way they skillfully cultivate the hill sides and how they care for their animals (cows) that are a prime source of pride later return for Dinner and overnight at:

  • Budget- Broadbill Forest Camp/Ruhija Community Rest Camp
  • Mid-range – Rushaga Gorilla Havens Lodge/ Bakiga Lodge
Day 7- Gorilla Tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and transfer to Ishasha

After an early breakfast, you will head to the park headquarters where you will be briefed by the guides before you begin the search in the thick Bwindi Forest for the giant gorillas. Bwindi National Park is renowned for its impressive mountain gorillas, although it is unpredictable for how long you will track before finding them since it all depends on their movement. Though the time spent to track down these Gorillas is unpredictable, the thrill of spending time and observing these gentle giant gorillas is a rare, moving, awesome and exciting adventure that will leave you with long lasting memories of a truly unique experience. Return for lunch you will transfer to Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park where you will reach late evening Dinner and overnight at:

  • Budget- Topi Game Ishasha
  • Mid-range – Enjojo Lodge
Day 8- Game drive and boat cruise in Queen Elizabeth National Park

After your breakfast you will be taken to Ishasha, famous for the tree climbing lions lounging in the tree branches while keeping a close eye on herds of Uganda kob, their favorite prey. You could have a chance to spot some tree climbing lions after proceed to you’ lodge, In the afternoon you will take a launch cruise along the amazing Kazinga channel to see, at close range, the water animals to include Hippos, Buffalos, Crocodiles and elephants bathing on the channel banks. There is also a variety of bird species on the water banks especially the famous Shoebill, pelican and Jacana. Dinner and overnight at :

  • Budget- Tembo Safari Lodge/Engiri Game Lodge
  • Mid-range – Bush Lodge/Queen Elizabeth Safari Lodge
Day 9- Transfer to Rwenzori NP for the one’s day hike Kirembe route and transfer to Kibale NP

Distance from the park gate and back is 8.1km plus the 2.2km walk up and back from the hostel.

The trek starts at Trekkers Hostel at 1,450 metres in Kyanjiki 12 kilometres from Kasese past Kilembe. Best to start by 8.30am but can leave as late as 10am. You walk 2.2km to the UWA rangers post at 1,727metres where you pay your park entrance fee.

This is a relativity easy walk as you climb steadily through montane forest, with tall trees thick undergrowth and a multitude of different species of birds and primates. Then a steepish climb up a ridge below Omusita Rest Spot where you join the trail coming down from Samalira and is the highest point of the walk at 2,373 metres. The forests are untouched and carry a wide variety of trees and plants. Many species of birds can be heard and seen in this rich environment. The first few kilometres climb steadily crossing several small streams and rivers then we branch off on our birding trail, within a few hundred metres from the turnoff your will see evidence of bush pigs digging for roots and grubs in the undergrowth and along the path. If you walk quietly, you may get a chance to see these shy animals. The trail then moves along the top of the Nyamwamba River where you see the river and the beautiful ravine forests along the river. There is a small trail where you can walk down to the river edge and maybe see kingfisher and the water loving birds. As you climb the trees become taller, bigger in size and very straight. It is common to see and hear many types of primates hear chimpanzee calls echoing around the valley. You will see chimp nests made of twigs and branches high up in the tallest trees which the chimps will use for several weeks during the fruiting season then more on in search for other food sources. You may be lucky and see a troupe of 10 to 15 black and white Colobus monkeys as they swing through the trees particularly when the various trees are bearing fruit. Occasionally you may see a blue monkey. The forest, the wide variety of plant species and the environment along the river is stunning and well worth the effort to experience this unique environment. You will later transfer to Kibale Forest National Park, we will go for a crater lakes tour either by car or by cycling and this includes a community tour later return to you’ lodge for dinner and overnight at:

  • Budget- Kibale Forest Lodge/Rweteera Safari Park
  • Mid-range- Kibale Forest Camp/Chimpanzee Forest Lodge
Day 10- Chimpanzee tracking and Bigodi swamp

You will, after breakfast, head to Kibale Forest with our packed lunch to view the primates. The activity begins at 8.00am with a briefing of the rule for trekking the chimpanzees after which you set off to search for them in the forest. The exercise takes half a day and along the way you will see other primates such as Grey cheeked Mangabeys, Phoestes, Red-Colobus and the Blue tailed and the Red-tailed monkeys swinging in the branches of this thick forest. Your guide will give you informative briefings on the lifestyles of the primates you will be coming across and, on the plants, as well as on the insects and butterflies in this forest to ensure that the trek is not only enjoyable but informative as well, Kibale Forest National Park, it boasts the highest number of primate species in the world, including the chimpanzees. Approximately 5,000 chimpanzees live in the wild in Uganda, which makes it a perfect place to spot them! An experienced ranger will take you chimp tracking in the morning. Once you locate the chimpanzees, you will spend one hour with them, after get back to your respective hotel for lunch, Post Lunch you will be taken for Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary walk. This is a guided swamp walk that takes you closer seeing primates mostly monkeys, birds and butterflies. The wetland is a bird paradise with about 138 species and is best known for being home to the Great Blue Turaco.

This is a 2½ – 3 hour walk and is a must for bird lovers. The walk is almost as popular as the Kibale Forest Walk. You will need good walking shoes since part of the walk is sometimes muddy. Hopefully you will spot the elusive Sitatunga antelope and the Shoebill Stork. This is nothing to be missed. You will meet some of the primates here, even a chimpanzee at times.

Other primate species include the black-and-white colobus, grey-cheeked mangabey, red-tailed, l’Hoest’s and blue monkeys, and olive baboons. Also, Bushbucks and mongooses and many more can also be found here. There is also an abundance of butterflies. Bigodi Sanctuary is located outside the park in Magombe Swamp. dinner and an overnight at:

  • Budget- Kibale Forest Lodge/Rweteera Safari Park
  • Mid-range- Kibale Forest Camp/Chimpanzee Forest Lodge
Day 11- Transfer to Murchison falls National Park

After breakfast you will be transferred to Murchison Falls National Park which will take around 7/8 hours of drive, Head straight to tour the Top and bottom of majestic falls, where the Nile crashes through a 7 metres gorge to the falls 45 metres. Numerous scenic viewpoints are a photographers’ delight, the most impressive view of the foaming waters rushing into the gorge with a deafening roar, you will have dinner and overnight at:

  • Budget- Heritage Safari Lodge
  • Mid-range – Fort Murchison Lodge/Parkside Safari Lodge/Ikorom Safari Lodge
Day 12- Game drive and Launch cruise in Murchison falls National Park

You will set off at 6:30 am cross to the northern bank of river Nile head for a sunrise game drive in the Nyamsika plateau to see the Cape buffaloes, Rothschild’s giraffes, Uganda kob, hartebeest and waterbucks. You may also spot oribi, bushbuck, Bohor reedbuck, shy sitatunga, bush duiker, warthog and bush pig plus large carnivores including lions, leopards and spotted hyenas. Chimpanzees and olive baboons head the list of six species of primates found in the park. Crocodiles and hippos will be seen along the banks of the Nile. Some of the more common birds that can be seen include goliath heron, Egyptian geese, pelican, bee- eaters, kingfishers, hornbill, cormorant, saddle-bill stork and the rare shoebill stork. You will return to your lodge for a late breakfast and some relaxation before setting off in the afternoon for a boat cruise on the placid Victoria Nile, upstream, to the base of the falls. En route you will see hippos, crocodiles, water buck and a wide variety of birds including the unusual shoebill stork. The boat stops just tens of meters from the “Devil’s Cauldron” for pictures to be taken of the photogenic and majestic Murchison Falls. You will return to your lodge for dinner and overnight at:

  • Budget- Heritage Safari Lodge
  • Mid-range – Fort Murchison Lodge/Parkside Safari Lodge/Ikorom Safari Lodge
Day 13- Rhino tracking in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and transfer to Entebbe

After an early morning breakfast, depart with great memories of the moments spent at Murchison falls, you will be driven to the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, after a briefing from the ranger you trek the sanctuary for close to two hours. Transfer to Entebbe with lunch en-route.
In line with you’ departure flight you will be transferred to Entebbe International Airport to fly out.

What’s included in this itinerary?

  • Gorilla trekking permit
  • Transport via 4x4wd vehicle
  • Game drives
  • Colobus Monkey tracking permits
  • Chimpanzee tracking permits
  • Golden Monkey tracking permits
  • Park entry fee
  • Guide fee
  • Full board accommodation
  • English speaking driver/guide
  • Meals en-route
  • Boat cruise

What’s not included in this itinerary?

  • International / Domestic Flights
  • Additional accommodation before or after the tour
  • Personnel items (souvenirs, travel insurance, visa fee)
  • Drinks/spirits
  • PCR test