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Uganda is famous for its green dense forest ration, majestic landscapes, classic Savannahs, waterfalls, spectacular mountains, and lakes. Known as “The Pearl Of Africa”, Uganda is full of chimpanzees, gorillas, monkeys and birds of different species in its national parks, wildlife reserves, and lakes.

Uganda Safari is not only specialized for beautiful scenic view of Rwenzori mountain range, waterfalls, and Lake Victoria, it also offers gorilla trekking and Birding Safaris In Uganda.

In Uganda Birding Safari, you will get a chance to spot shoebill stork, a pre-historic bird and an ancient bird species among bird species.

Physical Description Of A Shoebill Stork:

With an enormous head size, Shoebill Stork bird is also referred as a “King Whale-Head”, because of its shoe-like bill. The bill can grow up to 24cm in length and 20 cm in width. The weight of shoebill stork can be reach up to 60 kg.


As Shoebill Stork birds are good at aquatic environments, you can find them in freshwater swamps and marshes in Uganda Birding Safaris. They can be mostly found in swamp areas with mixed papyrus plants and other vegetation. Shoebill stork birds choose the wetland has papyrus, typha, and phragmite plants.

Social Behaviours:

While searching or wandering the prey for hunting, these birds remain standing without a little movement. Their movement is slow whether in dense vegetation or in water. With a shy in their nature, these birds are solitary. They only meet for breeding.

Where To See Shoebill Stork In Uganda

Ishasha Sector- Queen Elizabeth National Park

As swamp is the habitat of Shoebill stork, you can find most of them are found on the swamp on the bank of Lake Edward in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Lake Edward is located in the Ishasha sector and this sector is located in the south of Queen Elizabeth National of western Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is the most visited and one of the biggest national parks in Uganda. This national park is best for wildlife viewing in most popular savannah reserve, birding, chimp tracking, hiking, and cultural experience.

Lake Albert Delta in Murchison Falls National Park

Found in the south western of Murchison Falls National Park, Albert delta is the home and haunting place of Shoebill stork. Murchison Falls National Park is famous for birding and you can watch them in game drives, boat cruise on the Albert delta and bottom of the falls and nature walks.

Spotting these birds or for birding in the dry season from January to March, will give you a unique experience. You can also enjoy boat ride on Nile, hot air balloon safari, fishing, etc.

Lake Mburo National Park

Located in western Uganda, Lake Mburo National Park is the best Park for birding and wildlife. You can watch shoebill stork on the swamp on the shore of Lake Mburo of Lake Mburo National Park. With a 350 bird species, it is the smallest park of Uganda.

Ziwa Rhino Reserve

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is famous for to see close the Rhino, the one of the African Big Five and also to watch shoebill stork. Out of the sanctuary, you can spot the Shoebill Stroke while boating.

You can also watch other birds, mammals and antelope in this reserve.

Lake Kyoga

Lake Kyoga offers water sport activities and bird watching in Uganda. You can watch Shoebill Stroke bird on the swamp on the shore of Lake Kyoga. In Uganda Birding Safaris, you will love to watch birds on the lake especially in morning time.  

Semiliki Wildlife Reserve

Known as the most popular for Birding Safaris In Uganda, Semuliki National Park is a bird’s heaven and have 400 bird species. Located in south-western Uganda, the park is shared by Bundibugyo and Notoroko districts. The hot spring in Semuliki National Park, rivers, oxbow lakes offers beautiful scenic view and beautiful birds.

If you are a bird lover, then you shouldn’t miss birding safaris Semuliki national park in Uganda. On the bank of river or in wetland, you can watch Shoebill storks, and other birds. This park also hosts 5 endemic albertine bird species.

Makanaga Swamp Bay

Known as the best shoebill spots in Uganda, Makanga swamp bay is located on Lake Victoria. It is one of the incredible birding sites on the shores of Lake Victoria. You can go Makanga swamp bay from Kampala by a canoe boat to the swamp. When you visit the Makanaga swamp area, you can see the scenic view of the shoebill strock. You will also get the chance to spot the life of aquatic animals in the swamp. You can see lot of birds on the island of mudflasts and water lilies.

Lugogo Swamp Nakasongola

As the best place in Uganda to watch shoebill strock, Lugogo swamp hosts more than 300 bird species. To have a closer look, you can enjoy canoe ride. You can access this location through the Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

During January and February, the birding in Lugogo swamp nakasongola can give you a unique experience.

Mabamba Swamp

As one of the biggest swamps on Lake Victoria, Mabamba Swamp is one of the most common areas to experience shoebill stork. Mabamba swamp can be easily reached from Entebbe city by motorized boat or canoe. At the morning and evening, you can spot shoebill stork in Mabamba swamp.

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre-Entebbe

Located in Entebbe city, Uganda Wildlife Education Centre is very close to Entebbe International Airport. This centre extended to the Lake Victoria and you’ll get an opportunity to Shoebill stork with other wildlife.

Uganda is not only famous for chimpanzee tracking and gorilla tracking, Uganda is also for birding. In case of Shoebill strock, Uganda has the biggest population of shoebill strokes. In the water bodies like swamps, shores of lakes, and bank of rivers, the shoebill strock can be easily seen.

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