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  • Uganda Bird Watching Safari

    4 Days Bird Watching Safari to Murchison Fall

    Murchison Falls is regarded as the largest national park in Uganda. In protects the untamed Ugandan savannahs intersected by the River Nile. The centrepiece of this park is the dramatic Murchison Falls. It is the place where the world’s longest River, Nile, plunges into a frothing pool 43 meters below through a narrow cleft in the Rift Valley escarpment. This is a powerful and beautiful spectacle.

    The park’s large size and wide range of habitats allows for an impressive checklist of more than 460 bird species. This is the most reliable location for the icnonic Shoebill stork. We are almost certain of seeing the bird, which is regularly recorded along the Nile inside the park, especially at the delta and on two islands in the river. Other birds of interest include; Lesser Flamingo, Great Snipe, Swallow-tailed Bee-eater, Red-throated Bee-eater, Verreaux’s Eagle-Owl, White-crested Turaco, and more.


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