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    5 Days Uganda Virunga Mountains Hiking Adventure

    Mountain-climbing-ugandaThe Mgahinga mountain national park is located in the South western corner of Uganda and it is commonly known for its mountain gorilla safaris but also Mountain climbing Adventure as a solo activity can be done. The hike takes you through very thick forests; you will go through the very deep and thick Sabinyo Gorge which is a really great bird watching spot. A visit to this gorge gives you a perfect birding opportunities thus a chance to find the popular RwenzoriTuraco bird. This walk will also take you through the Rugezi Swamp which is also a great fantastic bird watching spot.

    The route along the Congo border goes through different vegetation zones and at one point as you will be able to clearly see the calderas on top of Gisozi hill, you will also have a nice view of Kisoro as well as the Bunagana towns. You will be amazed by how beautiful Lake Mutanda appears.

    Mountain hiking can be coupled with activities like the golden monkey trek. You have to hike along those gentle although at some point the slopes are really steep but you need just about two-hours or so to find the golden monkeys. You will also go through former farmland right before you get to the bamboo forests and if it is a very clear day, you will be able to clearly see the Virunga Volcano range.

    The mountain hike experience in this park can take you about 5 days since you have 3 mountains to hike and at the end of the trip, you will have hiked all these mountains namely, Gahinga. Sabyinyo and Muhabura. You can always follow such an itinerary if you are interested in this adventure.


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