13 Tips To Help You Planning Your Next Safari To Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya And Tanzania

13 Tips To Help You Planning Your Next Safari To Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya And Tanzania

There is a complete set of things to think and consider before you set off exploring the world’s most exciting safari places in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda etc. So we sought the opinion of some of our experts in the trade who know African travel is the best travel to deem while making holiday plans. Their ideas include what to pack, hidden gems and treasures to look out for, and how to make or spend the most of your time in Northern Tanzania Safari. We hope it will be helpful to you in one way or other when planning your next safari.



These are some of the time-tested safari tips and ideas that will help a lot to plan your Safari trips to Africa in a great way are as follows:-


1. Time- When You’re On African Safari Tours the Most Important Moments Are Those Spent On Your Game Drive.



Yes, this is sincerely a fact and at times, you might be tempted to hit snooze or take a sweet nap when the call comes for the morning drive. But when you are on an African Safari Tours, you will get to see the real magic in the bush. So it will better to give your napa pause and save it for the heat of the day.


2. Planning- Talk To An Expert (Email Correspondence Is Not Enough)



When you are planning for your Uganda Wildlife Safaris, it is better to consult with a veteran who has deep knowledge and expertise about the places that you are going to tour. He or she will specifically point out those places where you will get the maximum wild animals of different species. All such veterans are capable of knowing the daily routine of wild animals flourishing in the wild. 


3. Budget- Gives  You Greater Independence And Freedom To Create A Holiday Which Suits Your Interests And Requirements


Almost everyone wants to visit these safari parks to have the ultimate safari experience but at an affordable price. To save more money, you can go for the self-driving game drives. Moreover, there are other ways of cost-cutting to save money such as going for an affordable tour guide and buying tickets of air charters that comes with discounts.    


4.Focus- Enjoy And Absorb All The Little Things



Apart from the big game drives and safaris that might get you to watch the Big Five members of the cat family or the chance to watch the great migration; you can also do something different such as focusing and understanding the different sounds and smells all around you inside a safari park. Even listening to such wildlife sounds can be a sweet experience.


5. Destinations-  If Tracking Gorillas And Chimpanzees In Uganda, Book Gorilla And Chimp Habituation Tracking



Absolutely, you can do that if you like Gorilla Trekking Uganda so much. Doing such a thing will allow you to accompany a chimp or gorilla habituation team for an entire day instead of doing it for one hour.  


6. Community Engagement- Take Responsible Tourism Into Account



If you really want to contribute something for the welfare and upliftment of African tourism then check with your tour operator if it is working with local communities to ensure they are getting the benefit from tourism or not? And several other questions like if they are monitoring the environmental impact or not? Getting answers to such questions will help you a lot in engaging with a local community.   


7. Photography- Make More Photography Time Possible And Get A Much More Intimate Wildlife Experience.



While taking photographs during your trip of Northern Tanzania Safari try to avoid lodge jumping because while staying at one lodge will help you to save your money as well as providing you more time to photograph. Any traveller’s decision to stay at one definite place for a longer period of time will help him or her to snap more cherished photos of wildlife.


8. Taking Care Of Yourself- Dehydration Is Serious And Can Ruin Your Safari. It Is Not Just About Drinking Enough Water


Certainly, your health is important and you can safeguard it during your African Safari Tours by refilling it with the salts you lose due to the blows of winds and sun. Thus, it will be better for you to bring sports drinks with fluids such as plenty of powdered Gatorade and take it during your days in safari.


9. Backpacking- Don’t Go For Too Much Magnification If You Want To Cut Down On Weight



It will be much better to pack only the essentials during the trip. Ditch anything that is useless regarding safaris.


10. Accommodation- Whether You Are An Experienced Africa Traveller Or A First-Timer Spends Time At Each Place To Absorb The Experience.



It will better for you to stay for more than three nights at each of the two camps rather jumping and frequently changing camps in a single day. Doing such things will also help in keeping the price down as well as your vehicular costs.


11. Activities- Tell Your Tour Operator In Advance What Special Activities You Want As Per Your Interest



When you are planning for your Uganda Safari Tours inform your tour management in advance about your personal interests for the special activities that you want to indulge in. They will accommodate you per your wishes and this will help them a lot better to plan for your arrival.  


12. Family-  Think About The Different Kinds Of Safaris On Offer



How about bringing your families to enjoy a Chimpanzee Trekking during your visits to Rwanda Safaris? Yes, bringing your spouse will spice up your romantic & matrimonial relationship and if you are bringing kids along for safaris then they will get the advantages of learning several lessons regarding wildlife and wild animals. Moreover, they will also get a chance to participate several activities that are basically designed for kids such as visiting the Masai tribe, fishing or boat trips etc.  


13. Guides - Generally Local Peoples, So You Can Easily Exploring Each & Every Part Of It.



Taking part in several safaris and game viewing activities with local guides will be fruitful because of the way they know about the park nobody else is going to tell you. It is better to stick with them if you want to enjoy your safari to the fullest.


These tips will help any rookie traveller a lot while planning for African Safari Tours including safaris related to destinations like Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. Moreover, it will give you a brief idea on how it is planned and executed. Such experiences will also train you to help others, who might be thinking of scheduling their safari trips for the next season or next year. To find out how it is done please contact us @ frenaadventures.com. You can certainly get a brief idea about how it is actually done.