A Guide To Drinks And Refreshments On Uganda Safari: Relax And Chill Out After Gorilla Trekking With A Drink

A Guide To Drinks And Refreshments On Uganda Safari: Relax And Chill Out After Gorilla Trekking With A Drink

Are you worried about Drinks and Refreshments on Safari in Uganda? What will you drink on Safari?  The stimulating tastes of Uganda found in the drinks, sodas, juices and bottled water that is always available on Safari in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda. There are numerous things that people living or coming from different parts of the world don’t know about Uganda. Apart from just watching mountain gorillas and different type of apes like chimpanzees and Baboons they are also going to get treated with exotic food that they have never eaten or taken in life. Today, we are going to discuss briefly the foods and beverages that travellers will have during the enjoyment of Uganda Safaris


Thus, here is the list of some drinks and refreshments available on your safaris that we are going to discuss, are as follows:-


Stay Hydrated On Safari – Drink Lot Of Bottled Mineral Water

Having bottled mineral water is a must for every person on the tour because such a trek is packed with lots of safari activities as well as walking for long periods of time. Thus, at least two litres of mineral water filled bottle is a basic requirement for every holidaymaker. In Uganda mineral bottled water is provided to each and every client who is getting entertained in the game parks while watching animals and birds comfortably in a safari vehicle. In no circumstances, tap water Luxury Uganda Safaris while having fun with your family members or tour groups during be consumed by the visitors.




Fruit Juices On Safari


Besides just taking water, you can also fill up your body with fruit juices; if you have a great liking for consuming fruit juices then coming to this country for the Uganda Safari Tours is a very good choice. During the tour, you will get the favourite flavour of your fruit juices during your breakfast as well as drinks menu at Ugandan bars, lodges and restaurants. 



Sodas On Safari


Natives, as well as tourists who have gas or digestion problems, can make themselves comfortable by drinking sodas. Even, if there is no such problem you can take them as the best refresher drinks available in Uganda.  As far as diet sodas are concerned, they are not so easily available. People who want to go for diet soda has to order the management staff in advance regarding the specific drink.



Ugandan Beers On Safari


Beer is a favourite beverage for the natives of Uganda. It is better for you to stick to the bottle kind of beer on a safari. Furthermore, you can buy the most popular brands such as Nile and Bell at the most lodges. Nile special is one of the trendiest beers that you can get in Uganda. The taste of these splendid beers makes it welcome refreshment on a safari. For a foreigner, a cost of beer is a lot less than what you would pay in your home country. Most of the beers are sold in half litre bottles. Kenyan Tusker Beers is another variety that is available in most restaurants, lodges and bars for foreign visitors coming to this country for Uganda Safaris.


Uganda Waragi On Safari


For people in Uganda, it is a favourite drink for Ugandans in one way or other. It also became a brand of gin which is sold widely inside and outside Uganda. After the sun sets for the day and the safari is over, several lodges provide Waragi as one of the drinks during the happy hour time. It is also used in the making of the cocktail.



Wine On Safari


Believe it or not, the wine has become more popular with upscale and middle-class Ugandans. For the most parts, wines are imported to Uganda. Unlike Uganda’s Waragi and beer, wines are much more expensive. Good bottled wine is primarily obtainable at luxury lodges. 



Coffee On Safari


Uganda is one of the two cradles of coffee in Africa as the other one is Ethiopia. Those who are not aware, some of the best coffee varieties are grown in Uganda. But a weird and interesting fact is that most Ugandans don’t like to drink coffee but like to drink different varieties of tea a lot. Instant coffee is mostly enough for the guests. In addition to all this, great coffee is served at most luxury lodges. Most people in the world don’t know that Uganda is known for producing world-class coffee. 



Tea On Safari


Tea is grown and produced in Uganda, including Green Tea. Visitors of lodges have to inform the staff in advance about preferring Green tea & as a backpacker; you have it for the rest of the Uganda & Rwanda Safari Tours.



Uganda Safaris is not just about watching & feeling the wild of Africa, it is also about tasting it by sipping the best of coffee, tea, sodas, wines, beers and whiskeys that are made by the native Ugandans with so much love and care in order to make the beverages best for every drinker in the world. Please visit us @ frenaadventures.com to know more. If you also want to taste and see it for yourself then booking options are open for you.