Adventure Activities You Can Do During Uganda Safaris

Adventure Activities You Can Do During Uganda Safaris

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Are you looking for satisfying your wild craze? Are you ready to face your worst fears? Then get ready for the Uganda Safaris, you will find amazing, exhilarating as well as various daring activities at the Source of the Nile, Jinja, popularly known as the East-African Adventure Capital. There is a small number of activities found in Murchison Falls and Lake Mburo. The water adventure changes in mere moments from lazy relaxation to booming through grade five rapids. Adrenalin junkies can brave the legendary rapids at any time of the year because Uganda is favoured by the tropical warm climate all the year long.  



Now here are some of the mind-blowing activities that you can take part in to enjoy the best of the Uganda Wildlife Safaris during the trip are as follows:-

Bungee Jumping


Travellers who are more interested in adventurous activities have to visit Uganda because not only the country has plenty of wildlife attractions but it also gives room to a variety of activities like Bungee jumping.



It is one of the best activities that you can take part in during your time in Uganda Safari Tours.  Many people don’t know that it is the only country in the entire East Africa where everyone can have this incredible experience. 


This type of sporting activity takes place in the eastern part of the country called as Jinja that is just one hour drive away from the capital city of Kampala and the best time to enjoy this activity is on sunny daytime. 


White Water Rafting


Whitewater rafting on River Nile is one of the most electrifying and audacious activities that one can take part in during the maiden Uganda Safari Tours. After taking part in this particular activity, your experience is never going to be the same.



You don’t have to take any special training or have any skills for rafting. Each and every participant just has to know how to swim and must have the love for this adventure sport.


For enjoying this sport, please take all the rafting and safety equipment, breakfast, snacks and the buffet meal at the end of the day after your rafting gets completed. 


Hot Air Balloon Safari


Have you ever experienced the wilderness of Uganda with a hot air balloon safari? Yes, you can do that in a unique way. Just wake up early to catch the sunrise. You will be taken directly to the spot where you can ride a hot air balloon with the help of a balloon operator and guide.



Once you are inside, you will silently fly over the plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park while viewing beautiful sceneries as well as admiring the herds of buffaloes, elephants and various other unique and rare wild animals.


One of the best moments that will stay in your memory for the lifetime is watching the rise of the sun while flying in the balloon. It will be an experience that you want to enjoy again.  


Sport Fishing


Have you ever heard of sports fishing? If you haven’t then in Nile River, Jinja, sports fishing can be discovered by first-timers or experienced travellers. They normally target species like Nile Perch, Tilapia, yellow fish as well as catfish by using techniques like trawling, spinning and bait fishing.     



People who are interested in this game in Uganda Safaris will get all types of fishing gear, camping equipment, safety gear as well as drinking water to enjoy this beautiful activity of catching exotic fish like Nile Perch. 


The best places to conduct such sports fishing are Murchison Falls where it is conducted along the River Nile rocky surfaces and at the banks of the Nile. Furthermore, fishing in Murchison can be done can be done at any time of the year but it will be better to catch fish during the mid-January to early April.    


Mountaineering And Hiking


Apart from Gorilla Trekking Uganda is also well known for mountaineering and hiking. Yes, the Pearl of Africa is the best location to experience the mountain climbing adventure because various mountains and volcanoes are located in different parts of the country.  



It doesn’t matter if you are a first-timer or experienced, but there are short and long hiking spots where you can test your skills, fitness and expectations by climbing and hiking the world heritage sites such as the Rwenzori Mountains, Virunga mountains, Muhabura, Mgahinga and Mt. Elgon.


These mountaineering spots reward hikers with stunning views of nearby communities, wildlife and other attractions in the neighbourhood.    


Golf Safari


It is natural that no one will expect to enjoy golf safari in Uganda but actually, this type of safari is gaining ground and increasingly getting popularity with a great climate to enjoy throughout the year. 



Travellers will get to enjoy an exclusive golfing experience while visiting this fascinating country. Now you can also count this activity in Luxury Uganda Safaris. Travellers will get courses that comprise of a good range of 18 holes in the ‘rolling parkland’ with beautiful greens, few steepish slopes, and broad tree-lined fairways.


Moreover, what makes these golf courses interesting is that most of the holes are well designed with the burn coming into play properly. Thus, there are some best golf courses in Uganda such as Entebbe golf course, Jinja golf course in Jinja and Uganda Golf Course in Kampala.    




Zip lining is also one of the best activities that take place in Uganda. You might have seen several war films where this particular activity is shown in a fascinating way. But in Uganda, it is a fun activity that will be equally thrilling like Bungee jumping. 



The zip line system is a canopy tour of the Mabira forest where tourists will soar between the ancient tall trees.


While enjoying the zip-lining system, you will get the chance to enjoy the inimitable perspective of the primates like grey-cheeked mangabeys and red-tailed monkeys. Moreover, you can also enjoy a variety of bird species and the roaring Griffin falls.  


Horse Back Riding


Travellers and tourists can also take part in the horseback riding for enjoying Safari Tours of Uganda because it is one of the best ways to explore the tranquillity of nature, wildlife and birds.



This type of experience is suitable for almost all the ages including children and aged persons. Moreover, such an experience caters for people in different skill levels from beginners to advance.


Even, if you don’t have any prior experience, you don’t have to worry even a bit because these horses are trained very well to react to your skill level that makes it easy for anybody to enjoy such a ride. 


Quad Biking


Have you ever heard of quad biking? Quad biking is all about a thrilling all ages and all level adventure that can be experienced by an entire family.



All such tailor-made packages are made to suit several abilities from easy, scenic rides to tough and challenging sections for veteran tourists.  


All such packages also include professional guides, protective clothing and refreshments. Even, if travellers who don’t have any experience can be trained and can also enjoy scenic sights of the River Nile.


Cycling And Mountain Biking


Now, who doesn’t love cycling? Mountain biking and cycling is an enjoyable experience and both of them exercise every muscle of your body and can also let you enjoy the scenery & beauty with various panoramic sights of the lakes, forest and birdlife.



Moreover, in the east, you can go through various trails to marvel at the birdlife, trees and cultures such as Bujagali ride and Bugembe viewpoint.     


In the west, travellers can also get the chance for cycling tours in the park through which you can enjoy wildlife viewing and beautiful scenery.  




It is an alternative option to rafting. In this type of sport, you have to go solo and go via the raging river or just chose to take a leisurely paddle on peaceful flat water. 



Otherwise, travellers who have enough experience can also challenge the Nile and use the double-sided paddle to explore the mighty river.


People who are first-timers can go kayaking school in Uganda and its main objective is to ensure your experience is enjoyable, feel confident and gaining control of the Kayak.  Moreover, at the rolling clinic, you can also learn forward paddling, capsize control skills, backward paddling, rescue techniques and rolling.


Stand Up Paddle


The stand-up paddle expedition is an exciting experience that travellers can learn from a calm-water beginning and then slowly move forward to a river trip. 



Any tourist who is interested in this activity must know that flat water of Owen-Falls dam till Bujagali will provide you with an ideal environment for you to control the board and for the instructor to give the trainee some tips along the way such as basic strokes and rescue techniques.


With this learning experience, every tourist will benefit from the variety of features of the river and thus build up a huge range of skills from running rapids to surfing and whirlpool oriented lines.    


River Boarding Or Surfing


Those people who have not enjoyed river boarding till now in Uganda Safari Tours will be able to have a memorable experience of riverboarding while visiting the Nile River.



People who are not aware of the Nile must be aware of the fact that it has 8 main rapids for which the participating tourists will experience several skill challenges depending on the water levels.


All the tourists who are enjoying the river boarding or surfing must be aware that every river boarding trip includes important pieces of equipment like safety raft, Kayakers as well as professional photographers to capture those powerful moments. Moreover, all such tourists interested in this action sport will go through extensive safety briefings and training drills. 


Jet Boating


Jet boating on river Nile is an interesting sport that every visitor can enjoy at overwhelming speeds & get entertained by the wild 360 degree spins.



In every way, it will be a memorable and awesome experience for the entire family or the tour group who are maturely aged between 5-85 years on a custom made 12-seater jet boat.


Moreover, visitors taking such a ride don’t need any type of swimming experience to make the trip. Moreover, tourists who are riding the boat will be instructed by a professional jet boat pilot. In addition to all this, such a trip also includes high flotation life jackets, helmets, spray jackets, light snacks and drinks.     


Boat Cruise


Boat Cruise is another type of interesting journey for tourists and visitors who are on Uganda Wildlife Safaris. Almost everybody visiting Africa knows that the Nile River is the world’s longest river and people taking the boat cruise ride can explore it within just two hours.


During the ride, you will be able to see beautiful scenery, birdlife and animals. Furthermore, visitors who are visiting Murchison Falls National Park can take the trip from Paraa to the bottom of Murchison Falls.


This type of expedition is best for Birding Safaris in Uganda and they have to take the trip on a morning cruise downstream in order to see the mysterious bird also known as shoebill.    


Family Float


Finally, the Family float is a relaxed mellow ride for both the family as well as the young children. It is a perfect trip for little children who can get the opportunity to float and swim down a peaceful & pleasant stretch of the river.



Visitors taking the ride can drift down to tranquil green pools in the sunset while getting close to the incredible birdlife along the Victoria Nile.


Such a floating safari has the capacity to accommodate up to 8 tourists and two crew members while enjoying the ride.


These adventure activities make these Uganda Safaris much more interesting and fascinating. Everyone who is visiting Uganda will fall in love with it. There are numerous reasons that make this country thousand times more worthy than a world trip. Please contact us @ to know more about Uganda and its fascinating activities that have the capacity to ignite your passion and adrenaline rush.