Details About CORONA VIRUS And It’s Symptoms And Precaution In East Africa

Details About CORONA VIRUS And It’s Symptoms And Precaution In East Africa

An Outbreak of the Corona Virus in Wuhan city of China spreads across Asia, Europe, and American countries.  The COVID-19 or Corona Virus spread all over the country which results in the death of 2,592 people in Wuhan with 77, 150 infections, in the mainland of China. The name of the virus comes from the Latin word “corona” which means crown or halo. The image of Coronavirus looks like a solar corona under the electronic microscope.


The Coronaviruses are a disease that only transmitted between animal and people. There is no record of having coronaviruses in pet animals like cats and dogs. However, in Africa, the virus is only spread to Egypt. As there are no signs of viruses in East African countries, you are safe to go for Uganda Safari, Rwanda Safari, Kenya safari, etc. Also, there is sign of coronaviruses in Central Asia destinations, like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan.


What Is Corona Virus?



Corona virus (COV) is not a single virus that is spreading; it is the large family of the viruses that results into illness from the various diseases like common cold to severe diseases like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). The viruses can be transmitted from animals to human, from pet animals like cats and dogs. 


In this infection, there is an acute, mild upper respiratory infection or common cold which can’t be distinguished from other cold. Corona viruses can be found in avian and mammalian species whereas; these can be classified together on the basis of the crown or halo-shaped of the envelope glycoprotein, and on chemical characteristics.  


It belongs to the Coronaviridae family according to the crown or halo-shaped appearance.


Sources Of Cause


Corona Viruses first spread from the seafood and meat market in Wuhan city of China in December 2019. There is a sell of live and recently killed animals which generates these kinds of viruses.


The spreading of coronaviruses starts when one person came to the touch of the infected person in Wuhuna. It spreads from the bodily fluids of the infected person. It also can be spread if you have touched something that was touched by the infected person and touching nose, mouth, and eyes without washing your own hand.


How It Is Spared?


The Corona viruses spread from animals to humans. In Wuhuna market, recently killed animals to the humans.


It spreads from bodily fluids such as droplets in a cough, sweating from the human body. When something that has touched by the infected person touched by a healthy person, spreads the infection to the healthy person by invading the nose, mouth, and eyes.


SARS-CoV has transmitted from civet cats to humans whereas; MERS-CoV has transmitted from dromedary camels to humans. The scientists also said that the SARS-CoV is originated in bats.


Which Countries Have Been Affected?



As a source country, China is on the top list or in red zone with infected 77, 658 people.


  • South Korea- 977 infected people
  • Italy- 229 infected people
  • Japan- 159 infected people
  • Iran- 64 infected people
  • Australia- 23 infected people
  • Thailand- 35 infected people
  • Malaysia- 22 infected people
  • Vietnam- 16 infected people
  • Iraq- 5 infected people
  • USA- 53 infected people
  • Canada- 10 infected people
  • Russia- 2 infected people
  • Egypt- 1 infected people
  • Germany- 16 infected people
  • Spain- 2 infected people
  • France- 12 infected people
  • UK- 13 infected people
  • Sweden- 1 infected people
  • Finland- 1 infected people
  • Afghanistan- 1 infected people
  • Oman- 2 infected people
  • India- 3 infected people
  • Sri Lanka- 1 infected people
  • Philippines- 3 infected people
  • Cambodia- 1 infected people
  • Belgium- 1 infected people
  • Nepal- 1 infected people
  • Israel- 1 infected people
  • Lebanon- 1 infected people
  • UAE- 13 infected people


Sign And Symptoms Of Virus


As the corona viruses have symptoms like the common cold, felt by the infected person are respiratory symptoms, cough, fever, difficulty in breathing. In severe cases, it gives results like pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure, and death. The infected person can feel sore throat and cough in the initial stage.


Precaution Should Take


To be safe from the virus, you need to wash your hands by the soap and avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

Avoid closing contact with sick people and infected people. Stay at home when you’re sick and be always clean.

Travelers from china should be under the full medical care, if coronavirus symptoms are in their body.

If you feel mildly sick, you should drink a lot of fluids and take rest. Consult with your doctor.

The people should cover mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing and thoroughly cooking required for the meat.


Steps Of WHO Towards Corona Virus



“Stopping The Spread Of This Virus Both In China And Globally Is WHO’s Highest Priority” said by Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director-General of the WHO on 28th January 2020.


World Health Organization is working with the government to understand the virus and discovering the precaution it needs.


As said by WHO, there is a need of expensive and risky work that should begin with the joint cooperation of the government and pharmaceutical giants for developing vaccines against the Corona viruses.


As there is a need of huge investment for the vaccines, both state sector and private sector will take the risk.


The executive director of WHO Health Emergencies Programme Dr. Mike Ryan said that there is a need to identify the source of the viruses and to develop potential vaccines without any defect.


We hope the given information will help you to make you aware about the corona virus and the precautions you should take to be safe. But, there is no need to worry about the Uganda Safari, Kenya Safari or other safari destinations for COVID-19, as there are no signs of viruses in these countries. We are sure that WHO will make the proper vaccinations to prevent Corona Virus.