Exploring Lake Mburo National Park During Your Uganda Safari

Exploring Lake Mburo National Park During Your Uganda Safari

Nearly everyone who visits Bwindi Forest National Park normally combines their Gorilla Trekking Safari with additional visits to Lake Mburo National Park as well. Now Uganda Safaris is just another unique way to entertain as well as teach tourists coming from different parts and corners of the world about the rare and wide variety of wildlife present here. As far as this park is concerned, it is nothing less than a high-quality gem which is situated conveniently close to the African national highway which attaches Kampala to the parks of Western Uganda. It is a home to a rich variety of birds, primates & other wildlife species that we are going to talk in great detail today.

Now here is the brief detail of the Lake Mburo National Park & the treasures associated with it:-

About Tourism In Lake Mburo National Park

Holiday-makers can visit the national park throughout the entire year. Even accommodation facilities are available for the comfort of the tourists such as Mihingo lodge, Mantana tented camp, the Rwakobo Rock, Arcadia cottages, the Mburo safari lodge, Mpogo lodge, Rwonyo campsite along with the Eagle’s nest lodge and many more lodge options that are nearby in Mbarara as well as Lyantonde. The park is placed well on the Mbarara- Kampala high way and it’s a great stopover during the fun-filled enjoyment of Uganda Wildlife Safaris as it hooks up the attractions of the western part of Uganda.


The major activities in Lake Mburo National Park include the game drives within the rolling hills which tempts the tourists for more such activities in the open grasslands. Additionally, the boat cruise along the lake as well as the forest walks in Rubanga tenders a great chance of viewing numerous different & diverse bird species, nature walks, sports fishing, horseback riding as well as quad biking. 


 Birding In Lake Mburo National Park


This lake is also home to over 350 recorded bird species like the red-faced barbet that can only be found in this national park. There is also the endemic African finfoot as well as the rare shoebill, the papyrus yellow warbler, brown chested lapwing, carrother’s Cisticola, Tabora Cisticola, saddle billed stork, the Africa scops, and Abyssinian ground hornbill as well as the white-winged warbler.



The park is a big treasure chest for bird lovers from around the world and a delight for all arriving visitors with a variety of colourful bird species. Moreover, this park also attracts a good number of migratory birds which is an added attraction that enhances the beauty of the park during the dry season.


Wildlife Species In Lake Mburo National Park


There are 69 types of flora and fauna that are found in this park including the Impalas, Elands, antelopes, zebras, giraffes, Rothschild, Burchell zebras and many more. The benefit of being on Uganda Safari Tours is that travellers can also view the Buffalos, warthogs, reedbucks, leopards, lions, hyenas, hippos and crocodiles.



The park also gives a good taste of wild of Africa which is so close to Kampala and it’s no more than just three and half hour drive that make it accessible for those people who have limited time so it will be better for them to put the remaining time to a good use by viewing some extra wildlife before leaving the country.


About Lake Mburo National Park


Lake Mburo National park is a safe and stable adventure with well-trained guides as people will enjoy their time within the rolling savannah of Lake Mburo National park.  They will experience numerous animal sightings including; the giraffes, the topis, elands, duikers, bushbucks, the waterbucks, zebras, and many more. Hitchhikers will also enjoy the beauty of the picturesque view, the birds as well as the vegetation. The time spent in Lake Mburo will be one of the highlights of the real-time in Uganda for any tour group.



Within Uganda Safaris, you can adventure the real African Wild from horseback on safari in Lake Mburo National park. This activity will take up to 2 to 5 hours across the African savannah stressed at Lake Mburo Park with the rolling hills, valleys as well as the various lakes in and around Lake Mburo Park. The horse ride safari will give anyone a very good feeling of the African wild on the horseback.


About Lake Mburo Community Tourism Association-LMCTA


The community tourism enterprises that are around Lake Mburo National park have put up a combined support as well as a great survival strategy to improve community benefits from tourism around the protected areas. These enterprises have also formed an association and developed this association constitution to guide this advancement in a systematic way.



Even though the number of visitors coming to the community enterprise is still very low, the hamlet has remained very optimistic due to the growing trend that is towards the community experience worldwide. This society is also waiting for the product testing safaris in order to update & upgrade the standards of services tendered.


Through Uganda Safari Tours visitors have a unique way of knowing about an unexplored region in the form of a national park & a conservancy region. People will just touch & get the real feel during one of these Trekking Safaris In Uganda. Please visit us @ frenaadventures.com to know more about these trekking tours or to book your packages in advance when the time is in your hands & it is affordable in nature.