Get Mind-Blowing Bucket-List Trip To Witness Mountain Gorillas In Rwanda Safaris

Get Mind-Blowing Bucket-List Trip To Witness Mountain Gorillas In Rwanda Safaris

Rwanda offers the easier trekking: your chances of a shorter hike are higher and you will have more flexibility on the day, with rangers allocating groups to troops according to fitness levels. In Uganda, the hikes are often longer and steeper, although some prefer this “wilder” challenge. Now when you talk about Rwanda compared to others in Africa, it is one of the smallest countries in East Africa and when we talk about its overall terrain during your commencement of Rwanda Safaris, the country’s landscape is mostly mountainous with Karismbi being the highest peak at 4507 on the Virunga volcanic ranges.    


The Gorillas



  • When we talk about Gorillas and especially the mountain gorillas, is a high-altitude race of the eastern gorilla, the larger of Africa’s other two gorilla species, and it can be easily distinguished by & with its denser fur, that protects it from the colder high ground climate.
  • This fearsome individual, sometimes weighing around 200kg, seldom uses his great strength in anger. Indeed, gorillas compared with excitable chimps are very relaxed and peaceful animals that you are ever going to meet & watch during your Rwanda Gorilla Tours.

7 Days Adventure In Rwanda



  • º  The Trek

During the trek, you will be transferred to Volcanoes National Park. Once you are here, you will start tracking Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park by the second day of the trek.

  • º The Encounter
  • In order to encounter Gorillas during your Rwanda Safaris, you have to follow the tantalising clues such as steaming, excreta-dropping, munched bamboo in the dense forest of Volcanoes national park.
  • º Where To Go?
  • Gorillas of Rwanda live and reside in Volcanoes National Park also known as “National des Volcans” that is about two hours’ drive from North West from the capital Kigali.
  • During the Gorilla Trekking Rwanda tours, you will also get to stay at Virunga hotel.
  • º What Else To See?
  • Apart from the Mountain Gorilla Trekking Safaris, you will also be able to visit Rosamond Carr’s orphanage centre to meet and spend time with the orphaned children.
  • You can also go for a boat ride at Cyangugu.
  • Trekking chimpanzees at Nyungwe Forest.
  • Moreover, you can also visit various popular sites known for genocide such as the Murambi Genocide Memorial Site.
  • º When To Go?
  • Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda is round the year activity.
  • By the way, the long and great rains of late March to early May will dampen the spirits of many by making the entire region completely wet and hiking nearly impossible but just look at the bright side, the hike will be a bit easy for you because of fewer crowds and the bookings for all such tour and hike packages will become extremely affordable in case you are on a very tight budget.     

Some Extra Ideas We Are Giving

Besides all this, we are also willing to provide some extra ideas that might benefit you during your Rwanda gorilla tours. You can also go for other packages such as Gorilla adventure tours, Wildlife Tours Rwanda, Rwanda Gorilla Trekking as well as Chimpanzee Trekking In Rwanda.

The Booking


As far as the booking is concerned, you have to connect with our company by visiting our site and directly going to our contact us page. In that page, you must have to type your details that will include your budget, number of family members including children must have to be submitted, with your message explain the type of plan or package that you need for your safari.

Top Tips


Always play by the rules prescribed by the Rwanda National Park rangers that will keep yourself and the primates at a safe distance.

  • º Gorilla Trekking Protocol
  1. Always wash your hands before setting out for the trek.
  2. Never eat or drink anything when you are around the gorillas.
  3. Try to keep or stay away no less than seven metres or more during your encounter with Gorillas and if possible retreat slowly, if they are approaching you.
  4. Always keep your voice to a minimum level, but during that time you are free enough to ask questions to your guide.
  5. It is the humble request from us to not to trek if you are suffering from common cold or flu because these endangered gorillas are not immune from the diseases you carry.
  • º Expert Tips

Take an assessment of your fitness because for us your trek is not an endurance test and we want you to be perfectly well during the trek. Thus, in case that is not possible, some degree of fitness will do the trek.  

  • º What To Pack?
  1. It is better for you to pack the waterproof raincoat.
  2. Furthermore, lightweight hiking trousers & long sleeved top must be carried for the trek.
  3. Other gadgets such as binoculars and camera will be much better during the trek.

Before You Go Make Your Excitement Double

º Read Books

There are various fictional & non-fictional books available in stores that will tell a lot about these Gorillas and about their habitat and behaviour very preciously.

º Watch Movies

There are the big and large collection of movies based on these endangered animals. Some of them come straight from Hollywood and some are non-fictional documentaries of BBC & NGC (National Geographic Channel)

At last, after getting knowledge from all the stuff about Gorillas that we have written above will really educate you and your young ones a lot and will make you interested to take a trip to Witness Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda Safaris. To know more, please contact us @