Other Interesting Creatures To See In Your Uganda Safari Tours Besides The Gorillas

Other Interesting Creatures To See In Your Uganda Safari Tours Besides The Gorillas

Mountain gorillas share 97% of our DNA and are quite curious when they see a human around. Even though they do not attack or scare people away, they go about their activity and intermittently see the humans from afar. Spending few moments with these gentle giants will turn out to be your best wildlife experience ever. Uganda houses the highest percentage of mountain gorillas in the world and is gorilla trekking is the main highlight of most Uganda Safari Tours.


But that’s not all what Uganda is about -- not even a quarter. You can just witness so much wildlife diversity in this East African country that you’ll be left amazed and thinking why these aspects of Uganda are never advertised or talked about. So here we go:


Chimpanzees And Other Primates



Chimpanzees are only second to the majestic mountain gorillas in terms of popularity in Ugandan Safari Tours. The chimps share 98% of our DNA and are our closest species. These are mainly found in Kibale National Park which accommodates the highest concentration of them in the region. Just like Gorilla Tracking In Uganda, chimpanzee tracking is popular too.


Uganda is home to almost a dozen of interesting primate species. The most famous of them is the Golden Monkey which is also endangered. It has a golden fur on its body (hence the name) along with golden tail and cheeks but dark limbs. Its subspecies, the blue monkeys, can only be found in the Virunga Mountain range that runs through Uganda, DRC, and Rwanda. Other primates found in here are black and white colobus monkey, red colobus monkey, Grey-cheeked mangabey, olive baboon, Patas monkey, and L’hoest monkey.


The Big Five



The presence of all the members of Big Five in Uganda often comes to tourists as a surprise, especially when they’re advertised nothing but gorilla tracking. But just like in countries of Tanzania, Kenya where you can spot all the members of Big Five, you can do so in your Gorilla Trekking Safari Tour provided their availability in the park during the time of your visit. The five members are lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and cape buffalo.


  • • Lions in Uganda: Lions, which are called the King of the Jungle are found in various national parks in Uganda including Queen Elizabeth, Semuliki, and Kidepo Valley National Park.
  • • Leopards in Uganda: Leopards found in Uganda are mostly elusive and nocturnal, but you should be able to spot some during the day time as well.
  • • Elephants in Uganda: Both Savannah and Forest elephants are found in Uganda primarily in parks like Murchison Falls and Kidepo Valley.
  • • Rhinos in Uganda: Rhino concentration and conservation program in Uganda is impressive and both black and white rhinoceros are found in the country.
  • • Buffalos in Uganda: Cape buffalos along with the smaller reddish Forest Buffalo are found in Uganda in parks like Queen Elizabeth, Kidepo Valley, Lake Mburo etc.


Plain Games



Even though not particularly associated with Uganda Safari trips, the country hosts various plan game animals which are typically found in countries like Tanzania, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Kenya. Parks such as Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Katonga Wildlife Reserve, and Volcanoes National Park which have stretches of savannah field and grassland accommodate majority of these plain animals. Other national parks like Kibale Forest National Park and Murchison Falls National Park where forest areas dominate also house some of them.


The plain game found in Uganda includes impala, wildebeest, zebra, greater kudu, springbok, oribi, hartebeest, hippopotamus, sitatunga, warthog, giraffe, bat-eared fox etc.





Uganda, because of its tropical and elevated location, is abundant in wet, marshy grassland area and year-round water sources. This is something birds, both resident and migratory, actively seek and love. There are more than 1041 species of birds found in Uganda which is almost half of the total found in the continent. Some of the popular bird species found in here are the Shoebill Stork, Shelley’s crimsoning (one of the rarest bird in the world), Great Blue Turaco, Marabou Stork, African Green broadbill, Doherty’s Bushshrike, African Spoonbill, Saddle-billed Stork, Oxpecker etc.


You can find the somewhat unusual but adorable Crested Crane which is the national bird of Uganda appearing in the national flag of the country. It is found in multiple Ugandan National Parks and is often seen dancing with jumps and bows.


But finally you should take a moment and admire the diverse and fantastic landscape that Uganda possesses. Scenery and landscape found in each Ugandan safari park is unique to the park. From lush green forests at high altitudes to desert area to river bank swamp, you can just take in so much more. To book your Uganda Wildlife Safari trip or Gorilla Uganda Safari tour, contact Frena Adventures today!