Rationales Of Stopover At Kidepo Valley National Park During Uganda Safaris

Rationales Of Stopover At Kidepo Valley National Park During Uganda Safaris

Miles away from the jostle and bustle of the city, in the North-Eastern corner of Uganda, there is a national park that is so far-off& isolated yet worth all the hours of travel; Kidepo Valley National Park for your Uganda safari. Also gazetted as national park in 1962 and also named and famed as the 3rd best safari park in Africa by CNN in 2017, the park sits on some 1442 square kilometres of open Savannah terrains, vast plains and mountainous landscape, sights that will quench the thirst of your adventurous spirit and satisfying a soul seeking solitude. Here are the reasons why visiting Kidepo Valley National Park during the Uganda Safaris will be fun and do the trick for you, are as follows:-


  • ♦ The People And Culture Of KidepoAnd Karamoja


When you are visiting Kidepo Valley National Park for the very first time during your Uganda Safari Tours, you will possibly realise that Karamoja region is where the park is premised & two communities of people live in this place peacefully.



The one thousand people as well as the Karamojong. According to the beliefs of tribal people of this region, all cows of the world belong to them.

Moreover, their culture, food and customs, as well as livelihood, are focused around the milk-producing cow and according to them, it is a sacred animal.


  • ♦ The Picturesque Landscape



During your Uganda Safari Holidays & safari trip to Kidepo Valley National Park further inside the Kidepo national park, you are going to encounter the dirt filled doors traversing the wilderness reminding you about its beauty. Here vast and unending plains will allow your sight to reach far beyond the places that your feet are never going to take you there.


  • ♦ The Hot Spring



The next best thing that you will visit and sightsee in Kidepo national park during your Uganda Safaris is the Hot springs also known as bubbly Kanangorok Hot Springs and according to the locals, it means the place of black stone that simmers away to a remote location of the South Sudan border and it is known to having healing powers for skin diseases.

Anyway, these are the beliefs of the locals, but these hot springs are one of the best places of the park suitable for viewing its wilderness at its best.

Moreover, the water of the hot springs is hot enough to even boil eggs because the water at this hot springs boils at 50 degree Celsius. 


  • ♦ Birds



During your personal exploration mission, you can also encounter the rich diversity of the park containing around five hundred bird species and more than that have not been formally recorded are known to be thriving in this park making it to the second rank or number to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Moreover, the birds in Kidepo are specifically available to be encountered in Karamojong region such as the Karamoja Apalis.


  • ♦ Wildlife And Flora



  1. In this park, wildlife and its flora and fauna will definitely cross your path and you can catch the sight as well as take a shot.
  2. In all these views, you are going to watch various wild animals such as Zebras, Duikers, Jackson’s Hartebeest as well as elephants, lions, elands, bat-eared fox, Dik-Dik Jackals, Rothschild, giraffes, striped hyenas and many more.


  • ♦ Access


By road, tourists have to drive up to 840 km from Kampala. It is better if you can hire a private vehicle and in case you are getting Safari vehicle up to Kidepo Valley National Park then it will be awesome.

When you are going by air, the airstrip at Apopka gives access to light aircraft.


  • ♦ Accommodation



The Apoka Safari Lodge is available for people coming to Kidepo Valley National park and moreover, it is up to the visitors who are free to book rooms that are of certain levels such as budget, mid-range and luxury. Its rooms have been specifically designed giving more value to peace and comfort in mind. It is also child or children-friendly and moreover, there are no age bars while getting accommodated at our lodge.


Thus, these are some few rationales about the stopover at Kidepo Valley National Park during your Uganda Safaris. A visit to this park will be like an eye opener, where you will finally acknowledge that there are several things in the world that can be explored only after moving away from the comforts of your lifestyle, home and native country. To know more, please contact us @ frenaadventures.com.