Safari Get-Up Tips For Uganda Safaris And Rwanda Safaris

Safari Get-Up Tips For Uganda Safaris And Rwanda Safaris

Getting prepared with the right gear is one of the most vital tasks to make a safari successful. Have you ever seen a soldier going for war without weapons, bulletproof vests, helmet, communication gear, night-vision goggles and bullet-laced magazines? No, right, the situation is same here when you are preparing for the ultimate Uganda Safaris. It is a widely accepted fact that all such safaris are made to give people pleasure, sense of adventure, thrill, and excitement as well as a lot of places to explore, discover and learn. But in order to make the trip eventful, travellers have to stay prepared to ward off unnecessary elements and eventualities that have the capacity to put breaks on a nice holiday plan for any tourist.


Thus, today, we are going to get good knowledge about all that gear which can provide safety to you and your plans for the safari trip, are as follows:-     


Making Sure That Clothing Is Comfortable And Not Very Tight


Now, come on & just chill! Wearing tight clothes doesn’t make sense at all, because a safari trip is a holiday trip, not a professional or business one, where wearing tight clothes is mandatory at all times. Moreover, most parts of Africa face sultry sun throughout the year giving scorching heat and wearing light-coloured clothes will only add up to the heat which holidaymakers will have to face there.



Thus, wearing comfortable clothing like loose-fitting, long-sleeved shirts and long trousers will be much more comfortable and fun during a nature walk. Such clothes will keep you cool at all times. It will also help a lot in protecting safari-goers from insect bites, nettles & scratches while on Uganda Safari Tours. Furthermore, you will also look more attractive than all other tourists on the trek.              


Leave The Camouflage And Vibrant Colored Clothes At Home


In order to enjoy the Luxury Uganda Safaris, trekkers leave their camouflage oriented clothes in their home and the yardstick is the same for the brightly coloured clothes as well. When people visit safaris wearing military-grade camouflage clothes in a country like Uganda & Rwanda, such type of clothing is objected by the wildlife & government authorities of both these countries.



Any such clothing might also put vacationers in a lot of legal trouble. Now when it comes to wearing brightly & vibrant coloured clothing in Savannah, the problem is that all such clothes attract tsetse flies especially when tourists are wearing dark blue coloured attire.     


Wide-Brimmed Safari Hat


A wide-brimmed safari comes in handy for blocking out the hot and unrelenting tropical sun for many safari visitors. This hat is especially very essential when it comes to walking safaris in Uganda & Rwanda.



It will be very useful even during the horseback riding. There are numerous other activities such as chimpanzee & gorilla treks, forest walks, boating or canoeing on Lake Kivu, Victoria, Bunyonyi or Mutanda where such a hat can be very helpful in protecting the head and eyes of the individual.   


Sturdy Shoes – Boots For A Perfect Safari


Everybody loves wearing shoes and boots especially when he or she is colourful, stylish & fancy in nature. Now all those people who are going for Uganda & Rwanda Safari Tours must have to wear a good pair of sturdy boots that are also known as hiking boots required for protection, traction and more.



This type of boots are recommended for safari & waterproof hiking and are best for protecting ankles as well during trekking, hiking and climbing. Some people also prefer rubber boots that are very easy to clean and come in handy to stay protected from poisonous snake bites such as black mamba that always stay hidden in these sub-Saharan African woods.   


Safari Rain Jacket Or Poncho


A rain jacket will be always useful while starting up for gorilla or chimpanzee treks in Rwanda & Uganda Safaris. The reason these jackets are required because gorillas and chimpanzees mostly live in rainforests and during the trek covering your head and torso from getting wet is most important.



People will wear them if they really don’t want to get sick during a safari trip that can really hamper all their plans. In addition to that, they can also use poncho which will protect them against rains in the same way as the rain jackets do.  


Sweater For Chilly Mornings And Nights In The Highlands


Yes, who have heard it right, a sweater in heart of Africa will protect campers from early cold mornings and chilling nights in the highlands particularly in bushes like Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Mgahinga National Park, the Rwenzori Mountains National Park as well as the Mount Elgon National Park.



In the same way, you will need one such winter clothing while camping in Volcanoes National Park. Wearing a sweater will just make a cold morning or evening more enjoyable while touring in Uganda and Rwanda.    


Wear Effective Insect Repellent – It Actually Works


During the safari trek, it is one of the most vital and critical components of your safari gear. Carrying or wearing the insect repellent will help you stay away from the rouge and notorious mosquitoes of the Savannah which are widespread as well as famous for spread diseases like Malaria & yellow fever.



An effective insect repellent will help you in defeating this hidden enemy. It will save you and your family from diseases that are still unknown to you and falling sick will only make the matters worse for you on a safari trip. Just go with the one that works on even ants, Tsetse & other harmful insects during Uganda & Rwanda Safaris.   


Bring A Daypack For Your Nature Walks & All Type Of Treks


Last, but not the least, a waterproof daypack is must for all gorilla trekkers. With such a pack in your hand, you can fit all the things that you will need for the hike of the day. 



Safari lovers can also pack their rain jacket, poncho, sweater, drinking water and numerous other things to suit-up for trekking safaris. Besides that, a waterproof daypack will be best, if backpackers are carrying camera gear.  


At last, it is safe to say that only those explorers have seen the light of the day who have prepared well for the safari. It is just like students preparing for their exams to get good marks. If you want to know more on how to prepare for Rwanda & Uganda Safaris then please visit us @ and if you are also interested to book for your tours then you are most welcome.