Top 20 Things To Do During Uganda Safaris

Top 20 Things To Do During Uganda Safaris

With a wall-hanging of landscapes, outstanding wildlife watching and welcoming locals, Uganda Safaris packs a lot of gifts for the people of the world even after being a small country. It is also home to Africa’s tallest mountain range as well as the source of the Nile, the world’s longest river known as Nile River and the continent’s largest lake also called as Lake Victoria. Rafting the Nile offers all the people of the globe to a world-class adrenaline rushing adventure, but the country’s most iconic experience is tracking mountain gorillas in their steamy habitat. And if you view the Big Five, you’ll see the nature that is diverse and resplendent that looms large in Uganda.


These are some of the thrilling and adrenaline rushing things to do in Uganda that you might want to tick off your bucket list and enjoy them one by one. If you ready, then lets that plunge!


1. Savannah Safari Game Drives To See The Big 5



Yes, it comes in the top no. 1 position in every visitor’s list while they are on Uganda Wildlife Safaris and watching Big 5 animals in Uganda is everybody’s fascination either they are young or old.


This tiny country has more than 350 species of mammals in all sizes. When they are compared with each other they range from large mammals from gorillas, rhinos, buffaloes, lions and elephants to small and tiny mammals like bats, bush baby and shrews.


Regardless of the safari package visitors’ book for, watching big 5 in Uganda is always a top priority for most of the people.


2. Hang Out With Gentle Giants; Gorillas


There is nothing more exciting than hanging out with gentle giants also known as Gorillas. Stakes really get high when you are thinking about hanging with Mountain Gorillas while on your Gorilla Uganda Safari.



These types of gorillas are endangered species and you can find some of them in the Bwindi impenetrable national park as well as Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. There are more than 100 of them in both these parks. 


Seriously, there is no other wildlife encounter in Africa that matches the amazing experience of spending time face to face with wild mountain gorillas residing in a peaceful atmosphere and just watching a group of gorillas relaxing in their flourishing forest home is a huge privilege because they share 97% of our DNA and visitors will love sharing a bond with them while on your Gorilla Trekking Uganda.     


3. Chill With Chimpanzee Cousins


Most of the people in the world have seen various documentaries and films on Chimpanzees. Now it is time to see them in real life.



Meeting one in real life is really awesome because just like mountain gorillas, these chimpanzees are humankind’s closest relative and are also very cute by the way.


These chimpanzees are found in a number of areas in Uganda including Kibale forest national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Simliki wildlife reserve as well as Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary.   


4. Search For The Golden Monkeys


While on your tour, if golden monkeys are on your list then you have to directly head towards Mgahinga gorilla national park to encounter them closely. You can track them only in the bamboo forest in Virunga volcanoes foothills.



People who visit and watch them will be able to see them in groups and you will really enjoy them munching on bamboo leaves.


Moreover, the interesting feature about the golden monkey is that they always travel in groups.    


5. Searching For A Variety Of Birds


You can also go for the Birding Safaris In Uganda if you have knack for watching some good, colourful and beautiful birds. Yes, you are right this country is a birding paradise and a dreamland harbouring over half of the bird species found in Africa.



It is a home to more than 1,050 bird species that can be found across a variety of habitats from forests, swamps and agricultural lands as well as lakes and savannahs.


Furthermore, the sundry habitats in Uganda’s most prehistoric forest appear to be a great environment for a diversity of bird’s kind.


6. Challenge You1r Fear Of Heights


Have you ever tried free falling from a tall structure? You can do just that during your Uganda’s adventure. Taking part in Bungee jumping is a memorable thrilling seeking activity that you can take part in during your Uganda’s adventure.



You have to take a free fall plunge from a 44-metre tall structure like the Nile. Jumping from such a height is the ultimate action sport in Uganda.


You have to visit ‘Adrift’ river base that is three kilometres upstream from Bujagali falls. The views of the Nile River and the forest canopy are absolutely amazing. Visitors have to decide from tandem jumps, water touches and full-moon jumps.


7. Battle The Nile River


Apart from Bungee jumping, there are several other activities that you can select to challenge the mighty Nile River in Bujagali falls in Jinja.



White-water rafting: - The river Nile the safest as well as the wildest grade 5 rapid flowing water in the world. Just perfect for extreme action sports fans such as experienced athletes as well as first-time learners and rookies.


Kayaking: - It is an alternative option to rafting and in this kind of sport a participant can go solo and kayak through a high intense raging river.


Jet boating:- This type of activity is a remarkable and awesome experience for the entire family where you can jet boat up to the Nile river rapids at cruising speeds. 


8. Hiking The Mountain And Volcanoes


 It doesn’t matter anymore if you are experienced or just a rookie while on Uganda Safaris by hiking the mountains and volcanoes.



You can take part and experience mountain climbing adventure with various mountains and volcanoes that are located in different corners of this African nation.


There are various short and long hiking spots through which you can be able to access your mantle or skill, fitness and several expectations that are located in world heritage sites such as Rwenzori National Park & Mgahinga Gorilla National Park


9. Enjoy A Canopy Tour Of The Forest


You can try enjoying a canopy tour of the forest by going to the Mabira Forest Canopy Super Skyway.



At this location, you will get the chance to soar between the ancient tall trees.


At such a height you will get a good understanding of an exceptional viewpoint of Mabira forest.


10. Admire The Falls


Here, you can watch scenic Nile bisecting the park that will be nothing less than a jaw-dropping experience for you.



Furthermore, at the Kenya-Uganda border, you can also watch the Sipi falls that are perhaps the most beautiful waterfalls.


You can also be able to watch a beautiful set of three stunning waterfalls located along the foothills of Mt. Elgon. 


11. Hot Air Ballooning


It is a perfect activity for those people who are on their honeymoon trip, thrill-seeking junkies and individuals who are seeking once in a lifetime adventure.



The scenes on such heights are extremely stunning and spectacular. You will also be able to enjoy soothing and fresh air that is purer than what you get on the ground.


This exceptional impressive experience of flying in a hot air balloon can be enjoyed during sunrise or sunset at Murchison falls. 


12. Try Your Luck At Fishing


You can also enjoy sports fishing that can be explored by first time or experienced anglers. You can do that in Murchison falls.



You can demonstrate your talents by using various fishing techniques like trawling, spinning as well as bait fishing.


You will never regret visiting Uganda and especially Murchison falls.


13. Enjoy A Lunch Trip


How about having a lunch during a trip? You can do just that by cruising in the Nile River in Murchison falls where you can enjoy a tranquil breathing sunset.



During the Cruise, you can also watch several beautiful sceneries as well as a stunning display of wildlife and birdlife.


While on Queen Elizabeth National Park, you can find Kazinga channel cruise extremely rewarding for viewing most wildlife that comes to the banks of the channel for water.  


14. Get Muddy


You can also get muddy by trying your hands on Quad biking that is enlivening activity.



Each and everyone without any age bar can participate in such a good sporting activity.


Even your entire family can experience this sport in Jinja. 


15. Explore The Wild On A Horseback


People who like horses have a reason to cheer because horseback riding is an exciting activity in several Uganda based national parks.



People of all ages can take part in this activity. By using horses, you can explore the harmony of nature, wildlife and birds.


It is an experience that is suitable for people of different skill levels from first-timers to advanced level.


16. Visit The Batwa


A visit to Batwa people will allow you to see the forest via the eyes of the first people also known as the Batwa Pygmy.  



They will describe the ancient way of life to you as hunters and gatherers that includes honey gathering, basket weaving, cave-dwelling as well as the traditional dancing.


You will certainly enjoy their way of life and learn various life-changing lessons from them.   


17. Dance With The Troops


You can dance with the troops by singing and dancing with different local tribes and communities who can share a rich culture with you.



A country such as Uganda hosts a diverse culture and tribes who are ready to share with all the foreign visitors with their way of life.


Visit the capital city of Kampala where you can visit the Ndere centre to take pleasure in this.


18. Take A History Lesson


Now it is time to have some quick history lessons are as follows:-



Kisubi tombs- It is a burial ground for four’ kabakas’, kings of Buganda kingdom.


Namugongo Martyrs shrine- It is a shrine honour of men who were burnt to death for refusing to reject Christianity. There is an anniversary to honour these men with many Christians congregate here.


19. Ride On A Bodaboda



You have to balance behind a motorcycle known as ‘bodaboda’ rider and experience Uganda’s quickest & fastest form of transport.


20. Taste Ugandan Cuisine


Finally, 20 things to do in Uganda list is complete with trying out Uganda’s famous dishes from Matooke, which is mashed bananas.



You can also enjoy delicious meat also known as the famous Luwombo which is made up of chicken, goat or beef steamed and cooked in banana leaves. The peanut sauce is a delicacy best enjoyed with Matooke.


You can also find Rolex that is not a gold watch but a form of egg omelette that is rolled in Chapatti.  It is extremely delicious.


Now, even after being a small country, it has so many advantages and gifts to offer to the entire world and it can’t be ignored for few bad things that happened in the past and you can’t blame this beautiful and peaceful country for that. Each and every country has seen bad phases of life and Uganda is no different. Thus, we must accept and visit Uganda with our open hands and visiting its national parks and Safaris can be a good start by booking for our Uganda Safaris. Please contact us @