Top Things To Do And See In Lake Mburo National Park During Your Uganda Safaris

Top Things To Do And See In Lake Mburo National Park During Your Uganda Safaris

Have you ever been to Lake Mburo? If the answer is no, safari trekking people will learn a lot about Lake Mburo Park that is the only National Park to hike all through the Park, where you can take Mountain Biking and both Horseback Riding Safaris within and outside of the Park without any limitation. Not just that, travellers can indulge in a lot of safari activities that this incredible little park provides and it is a perfect place for spending a short and sweet Uganda Safaris of two or three days long giving a pleasant taste of the wild African backwoods in Uganda. 


Now, here is an excellent list of safari activities to go by that tourists can take part to enjoy Uganda Wildlife Safaris during the trip is as follows:-  


Wildlife Game Drives


It is the first love for every wildlife voyagers. In order to enjoy the game drives in Lake Mburo, explorers have to go through a network of game tracks in the east of the park that passes through a range of beautiful and electrifying landscapes featuring acacia woodlands, wetlands and grassy hillsides, rocky outcrops & seasonally flooded valley floors.



In order to get entertained greatly during these game drives, vacationers must opt for early morning and late afternoon drives to roam the park in search of exotic views of wildlife. During all such game drives of Uganda Safari Tours taking place in Lake Mburo National Park, it will be better to get escorted by an experienced safari guide and if possible to give him or her good tip in order to get a best game drive views for the camera shots.  


Night Game Drives


 Have anyone ever experienced a night drive before? How was the experience? This type of game drives can’t be explained with simple words. One has to go there and experience it personally to feel the erotic aura of a night drive. Clearly, it is one of the most favourable and memorable activities of the park enjoyed by safari customers on Uganda Safaris.



During such a daring nighttime activity, people will be able to spot leopards even lions lurking in the park. The speciality of this drive is that people can be able to see the ferocity of the natural predators more clearly during the night time.


Yes, it’s true that after the sun sets in the sky, ferocity of predatory animals will be at its peak and trekkers can witness it easily from the confines of their safari ride. Apart from that, nighttime game trekkers will also be able to spot bush babies, porcupines, and each and everything that moves at night. It will be better if night time trekkers possess night-vision goggles and cameras for better visibility.  


Boat Safaris On Lake Mburo


Not just on land, there are many predators residing in water such as lakes and rivers to look for and there is nothing better than boat safaris to go after these natural hunters to watch them hunt while floating through water from a safe distance. During all such boat rides, trekkers can watch a lot of animals along the bank coming to water especially during the dry season such as buffaloes, antelopes and Zebras.



Such a view is also a very good chance for visitors to watch a hunt spearheaded by giant Nile crocodiles to prey upon animals that come to drink water. Not just an action-packed hunt, but sightseers can also watch other beautiful sceneries such as Malachite Kingfishers, Pied Kingfishers, African Fish Eagles, Rufous Long-tailed Starlings, Blue-headed Weavers and Green-necked Doves around the Lake Mburo during a boat safari.    


Birding In Lake Mburo National Park


Who doesn’t love birds? There are plenty of customers who specially come to Lake Mburo National Park to watch lovely and beautiful birds. Believe it or not, this park is one of the best places for Birding Safaris in Uganda with over 350 species that are found here. 



There are several places inside the park such as swampy valleys of Warukiri and Miriti and the roadsides between Rwonyo campsites that are excellent areas of birding and avid bird lovers can spot a rare shoebill stork here very easily. Besides that, there are other prominent birds that can be spotted such as Bateleur, Coqui Francolin, Grey Crowned Crane, Black-bellied Bustard, Brown-chested Lapwing, Emerald-spotted Wood-Dove, Brown Parrot, Red-headed Lovebird, Ross’s Turaco, and Bare-faced Go-away-bird & Green Wood-hoopoe as well as several others among them.      


Nature Walks – Lake Mburo National Park


What makes Lake Mburo National Park have an edge over other? Guess what, it is none other than its coveted nature walks that are a big favourite among its fitness-seeking travellers. What makes this nature walks more interesting is that nature walks can be taken anywhere within the park with an armed Ugandan wildlife authority guard and a guide at your side.  



On an early morning walk, travellers can come face to face with hyenas’ returning to their dens after a dark night of creeping around in the park. During the walk, travellers can also encounter hippos returning to Lake Mburo to keep cool during the day after a long night of grazing in the fields. At one point of time, travellers participating in nature walks can also watch Zebras, giraffes, Eland, topi & other animals giving everyone an impression of walking in paradise along with animals.       


Explore Rubanga Forest


Inside the national park, travellers will certainly come across the Rubanga forest that is a very good place to explore during nature walks here. It is a great place for bird watchers and travellers can watch forty bird species recorded in the forest.



Birds found here include the Shoebill Stork, harrier hawk, green pigeon, Narina trogon, Grey-backed Cameroptera and double-toothed barbet. Not just words, but this forest is also a good place for some high-quality and beautiful trees such as Markhamia, Platycaluz, Acacia, Palm, Fig Trees among others.        


Fishing – Lake Mburo


Do you like fishing or eating fish? If travellers visiting Lake Mburo likes both, they all have certainly hit a jackpot. Travellers will just get happy to know that there are five lakes that are situated within the Lake Mburo national park and twelve other lakes are in the general area of the park.  



There are six species of fish that are found here. Tilapia is the most popular among all of them that is captured during sports fishing to be served as a dish. Moreover, sports fishing can be done here and the tour operators can help all the wildlife-safari vacationers in obtaining a license and the fishing gear to indulge in this particular activity.


Horseback Riding Safaris


During your childhood, you must be having fun while riding horses, isn’t it? Lake Mburo National Park is the only park in Uganda where everyone can indulge in a royal game-drive from the back of a horse that is one of the unique ways to view the wildlife animals found in the park. Mihingo Lodge also has a firm, professional and trained staff that takes you out on a horseback riding safari of Lake Mburo.



Safari travellers can enjoy such a ride up to three hours. On a horseback riding safari, the only sounds that trekkers can hear are those of African wild & the horse they are riding. Travellers can opt for this particular activity if they are staying at Mihingo Lodge.  


Igongo Cultural Centre


Apart from just getting immense fun from these activities, trekkers can also take some time off to visit the local cultures of Uganda by visiting the Igongo Cultural Centre that is a historical showplace Banyakitara, inhabiting the Western Uganda that also includes Banyankole, Bakiga, Batooro and Banyoro tribes.  



The cultural centre also possesses several traditional grass huts on display and guides will explain to travellers the way of life used to be in such tribes. Additionally, there is also a museum for trekkers interested in learning more about the ways of the local cultures that come in handy while sustaining in wild.


This is what Lake Mburo is all about while spending time touring Uganda Safaris. This specific park is a jewel or treasure of Uganda containing every big and small wild animal that represents this park as well as entire Uganda. Please visit Frena Adventure