Why Uganda Safaris Are The Foremost Preference When Africa Is Full Of Wilds?

Why Uganda Safaris Are The Foremost Preference When Africa Is Full Of Wilds?

Do you want to go on safari on your next vacation? Do you want to explore the wilderness of East and South Africa? But are you confused about the destination? Then Uganda is the country for which you should pack your bags for your next holiday. As it, only one of the best safari destination in the world but is also known for its picturesque landscapes and varied flora and fauna. Uganda Safaris allows you to experience the African wilderness at its best.


One of the most beautiful countries in Africa, Uganda’s natural scenery is untouched and pristine. It is home to half the world’s remaining mountain gorilla population. Not only you can go for gorilla trekking, but also you can witness the Big Five and other big and small wildlife at the 12 National Parks of the country. Uganda is also a paradise for bird watchers as it houses half of Africa’s bird species. Apart from the varied wildlife and magnificent landscape, Uganda also gives you an opportunity to meet the different tribesmen that live in the county, and have some cultural interaction with them on your Uganda Safaris.


Safari to Uganda not only allows you to have a thrilling game-view experience but also you can do an array of activities on your Uganda Safari Tours like trekking, hiking in the Mount Elgon and Mount Rwenzori, cycling through Kabale and fishing in the Murchison Falls and Lake Victoria.


Listed below are some of the features which make Uganda, one of the most preferred destinations of safari in Africa and the whole world.


Fantastic Natural Scenery



Uganda often referred to as “pearl of Africa,” is a land of contrast, ranging from mist-shrouded volcanic mountains to hot hazy savannah. Serene heaving hills of orderly tea plantations to knotted rainforest and forest. These varying landscapes of Uganda are not picturesque but breathe taking. Uganda has some of the world’s best landscape and distinct geography offering a stunning mix of unique and inspiring habitats which you can explore on your Safaris In Uganda. Some of them are listed below:


  •  • Lake Bunyonyi: One of the most magnificent lakes of Africa, which is often described as a picturesque place with ethereal beauty dotted with 29 islands in varied sizes and unique shapes amidst the lush green of the surrounding hills.
  •  •​​​​​​​  Ssese Island: The Islands are Uganda’s best-kept secret. These stunning islands are a beach paradise in a landlocked country, even if it has no sea or ocean shore. These islands archipelago is made up of 84 islands, located on the Lake Victoria, the second largest lake in the world which is shared by Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. This collection of islands are known for its white sandy beaches, palms, exotic flower and plants,
  •  •​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​Sipi Falls: Sipi Falls located in the foothills of Mt Elgon, is arguably the most beautiful waterfall in all Uganda. This series of charming waterfalls separated by steep hillsides offers exceptional walking trails as well as incredible views.


Rich In Flora And Fauna


Ranked as one of the top ten most bio-diverse countries in the world, Uganda is known for its rich flora and fauna. Uganda offers a diverse flora ranging from the savannah of East Africa to the rainforest of Central Africa.



It is home to 18,783 plant and animal species recorded till date. The Albertine Rift, present on the western side of the country, is particularly known for a large number of endemic species.


At least 10061 aviary species can be found in Uganda, making it a birder’s paradise. It is the richest African destination with half of the continent’s bird population. So if you want the best the birding safari then it has to be the Birding Safaris In Uganda.


On your Uganda Wildlife Safaris, you can expect to spot a multitude of primate including gorillas, chimpanzees, vervets, colobus, and baboons.


The Kibale National Park alone has 13 distinct species, while on the impenetrable forest of Bwindi hills you can come up-close with the gorillas in the mist.


Home To Half The World’s Remaining Mountain Gorilla Population


Uganda’s most iconic attraction is its primate population and the Gorilla Uganda Safari is one of the famous safaris in Uganda. Even if it is home to multitude primates, the gorillas are the prime attraction of Uganda Safaris. If you want to have a close encounter with one of the rarest animal on earth, then Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable rainforest is the place. Bwindi, a World Heritage site, lies in the southwest of Uganda is a treasure trove of amazing biodiversity. Around 350 mountain gorillas live and play among the mossy undergrowth of Bwindi’s forest floor.



Trekking through these dense pockets of rainforest allows viewing, these rare species in their natural habitat.


“Birds are as bright as butterflies; butterflies are as big as birds. The air hums with flying creatures; the earth crawls beneath your foot,” Winston Churchill had famously described in his book, My African Journey. He had proclaimed that the forests of Uganda as far more exquisite than any tropical forest he had visited before.


So if you want to experience the exquisite and luxuriant wilderness of Uganda then visit us at Frena Adventures for a detailed itinerary for your Uganda Safaris.