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  • Kakamega Rainforest National Park

    Kakamega Rainforest National Park

    Kakamega Rain Forest is the only Tropical Rain Forest in Kenya of the Guineo-Congolian type. It once stretched across the Central Africa to East Africa. Kakamega Forest is located in Western Kenya, Kakamega East District (Kakamega County).

    Kakamega Forest has over 330 Species of Birds, 380 Species of Plants, 400 Species of Butterflies, 7 Species of Primates, other animals include Chameleons, Skinks and Lizards.

    Other Mammals includes , Squirrels, Bush Bucks, Aardvarks, Porcupines, Giant Forest Hogs and many others. The Rain Forest is penetrated by a network of walking/hiking trails silent with only melody of singing birds, whispering trees, rasp of butterflies as they fly on by, the croaking frogs, chattering of monkeys as they move from one tree to another and gurgling streams nearby.



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