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  • Katonga Wildlife Reservation

    Katonga Wildlife Reservation


    The Katonga Wildlife Reserve is located along the banks of Katoga River. It is located in the western part of Uganda and is one of the national parks in the territory. The Wildlife Reserve was established in 1998. The Reserve is a recent addition to Uganda's list of protected Wildlife areas. Wetlands along the Katonga River which are fringed by forests are protected in the reserve. It is best explored by foot or by a canoe ride. Over 40 species of mammal, 150 species of bird many of which are restricted only to the wetland habitats are found in here. Common animals sighted in these wetlands are elephant, waterbuck, colobus monkey, river otters, and reedbuck. The shy Sitatunga which is a antelope with webbed hooves and is semi-aquatic is also found here. On a canoe ride, you cn view all or most of the animals who can be seen drinking water on the water edges.


    In the districts of Ibanda and Kamwenge in Western Uganda, along the banks of the Katonga River.Size Approximately 211sq km getting there it’s 200km, by road from Kampala, accessible by public transport. Actives Bird Watching and game viewing of the variety of animals including the Sitatunga.When to visit January-Febraury and July-August are the driest months, but rain is possible due to unpredictable seasonal changes.


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