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The Mountain Gorillas (Gorilla gorilla brengei) are the most awe-inspiring animals to be found in Africa. Unfortunately, man has not been merciful to them.

Poachers have decimated them, and man has destroyed their natural habitat.

They have faced extinction, but today sound conservation policies have slowed down their decline, and in the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park they are able to establish their family groups untroubled by predatory man.

Here on the slopes of Virunga Mountains, in south west Uganda, the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park( has been established to provide a secure habitat for these massive, but gentle creatures.

Access to the families is strictly controlled (and not always permitted) and small groups of visitors are always accompanied by a trained ranger. To keep disturbance to the number of tourists allowed in at any one time. Here we are un the home of the animals and we must act the perfect guests.


The park can be reached by road through Kabale and Kisoro 510km to Kampala.


Hotels in Kisoro and Kabale. There is also a mountain camp for climbers in the saddle between Muhavura and Mgahinga.